THE saga of Akbuk’s Greek Orthodox Church could soon get much needed attention, according to Didim Mayor Deniz Atabay.

The 19th century church, which hosted its first wedding earlier in the summer, is in general need to a refurb although the politics of what should be done have been played out for some time now.

akbukchurch1The church, built in 1870, was abandoned to its fate after the Greek population exchange and fell into disrepair until it was refurbed back in 2008/08.

Since then though it hasn’t really been brought into community use. However, the mayor has pledged to get things sorted out.

Locals have called for church to be “preserved historically and its cultural values respected”.

Mr Atabay, said he had appointed the municipal authorities on the matter and determined that they do something.

“The Akbuk Greek Orthodox Church was restored in past years, but since it has begun to look worn again.

“We will prepare a new project on the restoration here in Didim Municipality.”

He said the project would seek the approval of Aydin Municipality before things could get underway.