Letters to the Editor

Applying for a Residency Permit renewal

Suzanne, Mavisehir

(Information correct as of August 2017)

HAVING just been through the current process of applying for my renewal, this may be helpful for those applying who (a) they own their property and (b) have private health insurance.

My advice is to get all the paperwork ready before you go to the Government website to start your application. The website address is https://e-ikamet.goc.gov.tr/

The documents needed for your application are as follows:-

Four biometric photographs (additionally scan one into your computer so you can add this to your online application form when asked to do so);

A form confirming the address you are registered at on the Government system – issued by the local Nufus Ofis which is next to the Police Station in Didim. Go to the area in front of the main doors, take a ticket and wait for your turn. You will need to produce your current RP Card for this. The form is known as an Adresi Kaydi (pronounced address kaay-da) but the official name is Yerlesim Yeri ve Diger Adres Belgesi. This is free;

This is a new requirement! You need a Tapu Kaydi. This document sets out who exactly owns your property. Take your Tapu to the Tapu Ofis (left hand door) and walk directly to the window opposite. You may need to queue up but don’t need to take a ticket. Present your Tapu and ask for a Tapu Kaydi (pronounced Tapu Kaay-da). This is free;

A report from your bank showing your bank savings and current accounts. This is a full report on a single sheet and is called Musteri Portfoy Raporu. This is free;

A colour photocopy of the picture page of your current passport which should be in date and have at least six months’ left to run on it;

A photocopy of your private health insurance document which must cover the full year of your Residency Permit (or two years if applying for a 2 year permit).

So with the exception of getting photographs taken, all of the paperwork you need to get is free.

Go online using the link above and complete the form. You will need your mobile number so they can send you a code to activate your application.

Once you have done all of the above print your form out and take it to the Tax Office (opposite the police station) and pay the 345.35TL application fee (63.00 + 282.35) which is stated on the form. They will ask for your Tax Number. This receipt is very important as proof of payment!

The final question on the on-line application will be when would you like your interview to be.

The interview is basically just handing your form into the Goc Idaresi (an office on the 3rd floor of the Nufus Ofis) and them checking everything is in order before handing you confirmation that you are currently in the process of applying for a new visa.

This piece of paper allows you to travel outside of Turkey for a maximum of 15 days until your new permit arrives should you need to.

Final point, photocopy everything! You have to hand it all in and some of the docs are quite useful to hang onto as you never know when you might need them again.