INCREASING house prices across the resort has been credited by one senior real estate figure for the marked rise in interest from the Middle Eastern and Russia.

Didim Real Estate Consultants Association President Osman Coşkun said the interest was very welcome given the fact that British interests have been largely drying up, and , if anything, reversing that, by selling up and moving on.

He said: “There has been an increase in real estate sales in Didim, thanks to renewed interest from Arab and Russian citizens, as well as Turks.

“Our Turkish citizens living abroad are especially demanding more. We are happy for that too. Prices are beginning to rise along with the demand. We are very pleased with the sales.”

Mr Coşkun added: “There are summer homes suitable for every budget in Didim”, with 80 percent of the accommodation utilized for holiday purposes only. “Didim’s air, climate, nature and beauty are the main drivers for people wanting to buy here.”

He added: “We provide help and support to people from outside the area and warn them against fraudsters. The new tax and room registration laws also need to be taken into consideration if they are looking at renting property.”

It is estimated that 15,000 units – villa and apartments – are presently  available on the market.

Coşkun claimed Didim is the third best place in Turkey for summer house sales.  “As our guests introduce Didim in the countries and regions where they live, the prestige and recognition of our resort is getting more and more. In this way, our sales are also increasing.

“In past years, the British were buying intensely here. But they have started to sell their houses because of various issues. We are also trying to fill this gap with the Russian market. We also have the same work in the Middle East.

“At present, we have investors who work for real estate brokers in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. We have compensated the market share with the Middle East and Russian market with the decreasing British citizens.”

According to information provided by TURKSTAT within the framework of Housing Sales Statistics for May 2017, 2,805 houses were sold in Aydın in May.  Aydin ranks 11th in Turkey with 2.2% share. A total of 50 houses were sold to foreigners.