AN EXPAT has gone ‘fruit’n’nut’ after a PTT ‘choc-block’ on a special festive package for her four children.

Jill Robinson, from Didim, was left stunned when Aydin Post Office declared that  she wouldn’t be able to pick up her 20 kilogramme package containing at least 16 kilos of chocolate for Christmas.

A Customs manager ruled that she could only import 2 kilogrammes of chocolate per package.

She was advised she could send the package back to the UK – which had been delivered via Parcelforce – and then re-send several separate packages containing a maximum 2 kilos of chocolate per package.


Jill Robinson

Jill said: “I am gutted that the package has been standing at Aydin, having come through Istanbul and we will now be able to get our hands on it. The chocolate was for my children for Christmas.

“I feel Christmas has been cancelled because of this customs policy of 2 kilos of chocolate. I had never heard of it and was surprised when I was told as much.”


Jill with her four children

She added: “We have pleaded with Aydin, but they are not having any of it. We even offered to pay the tax on the package, but they said ‘no’. They did send us a package of 2 kilos of chocolate chosen from the package, but that’s not the issue.”

She said the package, valued at about £175, would have to be written off.

Jill said: “I am absolutely angry that they suggested I could resend it to the UK and then send it back broken down in 2 kilo packages. It amounts to the same thing, The whole situation is crazy.

“And it’s all for a bit of chocolate.”