HOME owners in Akbuk have been told that previous years’ demands for money to fund the sewer connection infrastructure across the resort have finally been cancelled.

Erdogan Öztürk, the general manager of Aydin council’s water/sewer dept, ASKI, came to Akbük personally and addressed the public at a recent meeting organized by Akbük Culture and Environment Association (AKÇED).

He explained that the whole of the water participation share notice and demands on residents for previous years’ demands were now invalidated.

AKÇED has made a great effort to solve the problem and had launched legal proceedings, with its president Ferda Kılıç saying that the demand for money for sewer connections was contrary to the law. As a result, the organisation opened numerous lawsuits and won all of them.

However, the debts of those who did not open the legal cases continued to exist on ASKI’s computer records, and interest was added to them every day.

In response to this development, AKÇED appealed to Mayor Deniz Atabay to address the matter. He approached Mr Ozturk, and following a meeting with Aydin Mayor Özlem Çerçioğlu, the order to cancel all outstanding debts against Akbuk homeowners in relation to the ‘sewer connection tax’ was cancelled.

MrOzturk followed this up appearing at the AKÇED meeting to confirm the news.

Mr Kılıç said: “As a result, the law has come back to Akbük. We warned the local government units, but they did not listen to us. Today, the development is pleasing. I would like to express my sincere appreciation to all the victims of Akbük who have contributed to this endeavor and have made an effort. “