DIDIM residents are set to face bigger water bills from January 1, 2017.

Aydin Metropolitan Council set the domestic and business water rates for its 17 districts at a recent meeting.

The domestic cost of a cubic metre of water in Didim will rise by 37 percent from its present 3.50 TL to 4.80 TL.

For businesses in Didim, the cost will rise from 4.75 TL to 6.17 TL – a 29% increase.

Kusadasi residents will see the domestic water rate cost rise by 42 percent from 3.20 TL to 4.55 TL.

The price of water for workplaces in Kusadasi will rise 34 percent from 4.25 TL to 5.71 TL.

By comparison, people living in Denizli in 2016 paid 2.50 TL for 1 cubic meter water, 2.60 TL for Muğla and 1.98 TL for İzmir.

The cost of water in the likes of Aydin, Nazilli and Söke’de will rise between 28 percent and 45 percent.

2017 budgets set

Aydin has also the annual budgets for its 17 districts:

Didim’s budget for 2017 has been set at 110 million TL.

The full list is: Bozdoğan: 33.515 million TL;

Buharkent: 10 m TL;

Cine: 36.276 m TL;

Didim: 110 m TL;

Efeler: 165 m TL;

Germencik: 48 m TL;

İncirliova: 48 m TL,

Karacasu: 17.854 m TL;

Karpuzlu: 9.273 m TL;

Koçarlı: 20.541 m TL;

Köşk; 27.520 m TL;

Kuşadası: 128 m TL;

Kuyucak: 26 m TL;

Nazilli: 104.950 m TL;

Söke: 85 m TL;

Sultanhisar; 17 m TL;

Yenipazar:11 m TL.