A FAMILY has appealed direct to Voices readers to solve a 40-year mystery of the whereabouts of a missing uncle – named Kevin Williams.

Kevin, who would now be 71, is believed to have been in Altinkum back in 2003 and 2004.

His family, who hails from Wexford in Ireland,  have not heard from him since 1976, but learned that he had been in the resort during the early 2000s.

In an email to Voices, Kevin’s nephew, David,  said: “My uncle, Kevin Williams – his full name is Richard Kevin, but he always went by Kevin – has been missing now for more than 40 years.”

The last known photograph of Kevin taken in 1973 when he was 27.

Kevin was born on March 24, 1946 in Taghmon, County Wexford, Republic of Ireland. He was the fourth eldest in a family of five.

His parents were Tommy and Mary Ellen Williams, who ran a bakery and grocery shop on the main street. He has three brothers, Dominic, Tom and Brian, and a sister, Ann.

Tom passed away in August 2012, but his remaining siblings are still alive and living in Wexford.

Kevin went to Dublin for a couple of years before moving to London in early to mid-1966.

There, he applied to join the British Merchant Navy and served on the ‘SS Oriana’ on two trips around the world from August 1966 to January 1967. Kevin returned to London and lived and worked in the city for the next eight years.

He maintained contact with his family throughout this time, visited home, and was visited in London by members of his family.

He last visited home for his mother’s funeral in early 1975. Later that year, Kevin decided to go travelling again.

He left London in September, made his way through Europe and The Middle East, before ultimately arriving in India, where he stayed for a number of months. He then travelled to Pakistan and began to make his way back to Europe by ship from Karachi.

His last correspondence with his family came from Sudan on September 1 1976, when he said that he hoped to be in London ‘within six weeks’.

Sadly, although it was written over 41 years ago, this postcard remains the last communication between Kevin and his family.

Although his family made various efforts to locate Kevin in the years following his disappearance, they had no success.

Many years later, shortly after Kevin’s brother, Tom, died in August 2012, the family discovered Kevin may still have been alive in the late 2000s. His family have since been able to confirm that Kevin was indeed alive and living in London in the early to mid-2000s.

Despite efforts to date, they have been unable to confirm where he is now, or whether, indeed, he is still alive.

They have also been able to establish since that he was living in Altinkum/Didim in approximately 2003/2004.

If anyone knew or knows Kevin, they are asked to make contact with his nephew, David at dave.williams76@yahoo.ie.