HERE’S an update today on some of the bars and restaurants that are undergoing changes – some big, some small.


Durumcu, a Turkish Restaurant where Mekan used to be, is now up and running on Ataturk Boulevard


In the street over Tuntas Hotel side, where we think Jaja Bistro is located, the bar/restaurant is to the right in this picture and was seemingly undergoing a revamp. Over the road two new developments have gone up.


Not sure what’s going on at Roka, on Ataurk Boulevard, but it is shrouded with a dark net, suggesting maybe some changes are afoot.


As previously reported, the Box Bar has been flattened and is being rebuilt. The bar’s relocated to the Orchidea Hotel, over the road, while the building work moves on


A tractor was parked up in Buzz Bar, at what used to be a very busy restaurant/bar scene, round the corner from Charlies Bar and the Queen’s Head. It appears building work is underway for the winter.