A GROUP of bar owners in Altinkum have spoken of their concerns of the ongoing crackdown against music restrictions.

The bar owners came together to raise their concerns about the escalating inspections on Yalı Caddesi.

Chairman of Didim Tourism Association Tayyar Cengiz and Board Member Mustafa Şentürk participated in the meeting with the bar and entertainment sector operators about noise pollution and live music restrictions.

Bars and restaurants have to observe a 11.59 curfew on music or respect the conditions of licences given for music.

The owners have called for netter clarification about the terms ‘sensitive area’ and ‘very sensitive area’ reflecting where they stand – such as in terms of schools, mosques and hospitals.

Business owners wanted to change the definition of the region in the municipality regulation, that this region should be redefined as a ‘red region’.

Mr Cengiz said that those who came to Didim from abroad stated they definitely wanted entertainment venues to visit and had expressed their satisfaction. However, he pledged he would investigate what could be done about the subject.

He added the Didim had a short tourist season and that needed to be reflected on.

Bar operators said the frequency of auditing shown to them is not shown to other businesses and that they pay a price for their live music license and that they pay extra tax like entertainment tax.