SCORES of ‘fake’ life jackets – potentially life-killers for refugees trying to get to Europe by sea – have been seized across Altinkum and Didim.

Four weeks ago Voices ran images of life jackets being openly sold in the town.

This week, Didim Police and Excise Department, along with Didim Council, carried out raids at a number of shop and marine-based premises selling life jackets.

Officers discovered a number of fake life jackets for sale and have referred several premises for further inquiry over licensing issues.

jacketsSeveral of the jackets were not found to consist of the correct foam for buoyancy. These were later destroyed.

jacket2Meanwhile, the coast guard continues to rescue or pick up stranded refugees who seek to continue their treacherous trips over the Aegean to the outlying Greek islands.

Upwards of 100 people, mainly Syrian, have been rescued at sea in the last seven days.

On Third Beach, there were upwards of 25 orange life-jackets that had been discarded – their wearers nowhere to be found.