POLICE have revealed that a Glock, two Uzis, gun cartridges and a Barretta have been recovered in three separate incidents over January 4-5.

Glock and Uzis recovered

The Glock and two Uzi submachine guns were recovered hidden in a stove bucket at a house in Tasburun, close to Mavisehir, at 6.30pm on Tuesday January 5.


Police also recovered two silencers, 8 mobile phones, 1 drone, 47 TCI-made 7.65 mm pistol cartridges and 76 TCI-made 9 mm pistol cartridges.

Four suspects aged between 30 and 53, were arrested and police determined there were outstanding arrest warrants for some of them.

The Istanbul Court for Serious Crimes had previously ruled for the arrest of one for producing drugs and two other crimes, while the Court of Serious Crimes in İzmir had previously ruled for the arrest of another suspect for selling drugs.

Bullet horde discovered in car

Police have found a horde of bullets in a car in Hisar district which has since led to the recovery of suspected stolen goods from a house in Didim.

On Monday January 4 at about 11pm, a car failed to stop for a routine traffic stop. A brief car chase entailed and was eventually stopped in Hisar.quarter.

0e8dc208a9426aba8a781bffb55dc6a6_XLOne person (21) was detained, while two others fled the scene. Police then found in the car boot 43 Kalashnikov bullets, 33 shotgun cartridges, 47 x 7.65 caliber pistol cartridge and 76 x 9 mm pistol bullets.

This then led to police to carry out a house in Hisar where they recovered three computer monitors, 1 LCD TV, 1 computer chassis, 4 mobile phones, 1 camera, 2 binoculars, watches and other jewellery.

Three suspects were eventually detained pending inquiries.


Baretta find



On Monday January 4, police seized a Baretta gun, cartridges and a Syrian passport after they stopped a car on Yali Cadessi.

Didim District Police Department said that people were detained but released pending ongoing enquiries.