MONDAY saw the release of 37 people who were detained following a rally on Sunday in Didim against the police and Gendarme crackdown in Turkey’s South East.

The rally, organised by the HDP political party, saw the police use water cannon and teargas to disperse a crowd of about 150 people who had gathered at the old Justice Buildings, at the top of Ataturk Boulevard, on Sunday afternoon.

Tensions rose when the group wanted to walk to the Ataturk Square, but were blocked by police officials with riot shields.

A total of five people were injured and treated at Didim State Hospital, including one woman with tear gas exposure.

On Monday, 37 detained people were released by the local court.

The rally, along with others across the country, had been held in protest at the ongoing crackdown in the south-east of Turkey against the PKK in towns across the south-east.

Police explained they had stopped the rally and called on people to disperse as it was an illegal gathering.