AYDIN’s Provincial Gendarmerie Command teams are conducting helicopter and drone-assisted supervision on traffic in tourism regions, such as Didim, it has emerged.

The command traffic teams have increased their audits on Didim-Milas, Söke-Kuşadası and Nazilli-Bozdoğan roads in their areas of responsibility.

The helicopter and drones belonging to the Aydin Gendarmerie Squadron commanded help support the traffic teams on the ground.

In the audits from the helicopter, the officers identify vehicles who are driving too fast or flouting driving laws and notify the traffic teams.

Offending drivers being stopped at numerous checkpoints are penalized for their crimes, but are more surprised when they learn how they were caught. The drivers stated they welcomed the new measures.

In a statement from the Provincial Gendarmerie Command, it was announced the inspections would continue day and night so that accidents could be minimized.

“The use of the helpicopter and drones are simply to aid in the safety of motorists and target those that violate the rules who would have otherwise gone unpunished,” the statement added.