TOURISTS have been urged to be wary of unscrupulous tour guides offering ‘rogue or illegal tours’ that fail to comply within the law.

The warning has been issued by the Aydin Tourist Guide Chamber (AYTRO) and the Turkish Travel Agents Association (TÜRSAB).

The appeal was issued in light of the increasing number of localized festivals in the region and shocking news at a regional level.

Experts warned vacationers against illegal tours and those that were not allowed or licensed to arrange tours.

At the recent Alacati Festival, near Izmir, TÜRSAB  identified 33 illegal tour operators.

AYTRO chairman Jesus Levent Gürçavdı said that illegal tours have increased with the revival of tourism in the spring. Gürçav said: “Openly blatant tours are being organized.

“Tours with announcements and flyers made through social media draw in citizens. This tour jeopardizes the safety of citizens and need to comply with laws.

He said that tourists needed to question their tour operator closely, whether they were located in  Kuşadası , Didim or anywhere else .

He added: “We are inviting the authorities to look into the claims that we are making” in light of the audits that were undertaken at Alacati. “Tourists who prefer cheap busses are ones that probably do not have TÜRSAB documents. They do not have travel insurance.”

TÜRSAB’s Kusadasi Chairman of the Regional Executive Committee Aydin Gökhan said illegal operators faced fines of  3,500 for conducting illegal tours.

TÜRSAB Adana BYK President Murat Şirin added: “The travel sector in our country is regulated by a series of laws. Travel Agencies registered with TÜRSAB under the supervision of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism have been legally authorized to perform and plan these trips.

“It is very important for the safety of the citizens of TÜRSAB member to go to the tour with agents. We will continue to continue our inspections for illegal tours.