POLICE have identified the burnt remains of a woman found on wasteland near Third Beach as a murder investigation intensified this week.

The woman has been identified as Eylem Gülçin Kanık, aged 37.

Eylem Kanık,

Her body was found by two people who stumbled on her burnt, naked remains on scrubland in and around Manastir, Camlik Mah, on Saturday October 7.

Forensic officers at the incident scene

It has emerged that the woman had been burned and killed by a group of five people. Two suspects – identified only by their initials E.D. and S.C – have been detained, while the hunt is on for other suspects.

The inquiry suggests the victim had agreed to spend money on an illegal, but safe passage to Greece – the reason for this is still being substantiated – and after paying an amount of cash she was burned and her body abandoned.

Where the body was found

Murder squad detectives, after a long search reviewing phone records and CCTV, two weeks before and one week after the date of her body being found.

From images and phone records, the names that came out were of five suspects. Two – E.D. and S.C. – were arrested and referred to the judiciary for further questioning.

Police continue to work on the names, and detaining, of the other suspects.