CONSIDERED Turkey’s capital for cruise tourism, Kuşadası has already welcomed seven cruise ships, nearly 18,000 tourists and 7,800 crewmembers this season.

Thousands of tourists from the U.S., Spain, Italy, Canada, the U.K., and Portugal have flooded the Kuşadası port after the ships dock at the popular tourism hub.

While many tourists visit historical sites such as Ephesus, others shop at local malls.

Ege Ports General Manager Aziz Güngör said more cruise ships will frequent the area in September and October.

Saying that 8.45 million tourists and 3 million crewmembers have landed at Kuşadası over the last 13 years, Güngör continued: “Ege Ports Kuşadası Passenger Port, which is the capital of cruise tourism in Turkey, will be one of the most important border points for Turkey in the near future.”

The authorities expect 40 new cruise ships to harbor at Kuşadası Port between now and Kurban Bayramı (Festival of Sacrifice).

Local shopkeepers and tourism managers are geared to welcome about 170,000 international tourists.