AROUND 50 young Caretta Caretta young have born and headed for the sea from their nesting sites along the Kuşadası coast, it has been reported.

It is one of the highest recorded numbers of young turtles since the Caretta Caretta species began heading slowly back to Western Turkey’s shores in recent years.

The news was related by environmental protection association Eko-Sistemi Koruma ve Doğasevenler Derneği (EKODOSD).

Its president  Bahattin Sürücü commented that volunteers had been keeping a watchful eye on the nesting sites to ensure that the nests were not disturbed.

He said the turtles had been starting to nest in Kuşadası coasts for about 5 years. In the last two days at least one nest of 34 babies had hatched and another site of 17 had seen youngsters hatch and head to the sea.

EKODOSD has appealed for the public’s increased sensitivity to prevent damage to the coastal nesting sites of the Carettas.