BUILDING and contents insurance: Turkish law now requires everyone to have Dask insurance (often known as earthquake insurance). The DASK insurance premium does not change, the price is set by the Turkish government.

The calculation of the premium and sum insured goes by Gross Square Meters which you can find on the habitation certificate.

In order for us to arrange  DASK you  require the following:

A Copy of the Tapu (title deeds);

Passport numbers of all persons named on Tapu;

The square meters of the property and land;

The address of the property;

Your tax number;

You need a Building and Contents insurance to recover the rest of the damage, for a full cover on your property. You will find this detail on the terms and conditions of your insurance policy.

How much I am covered for?

For example – Your Building Cover

M²                         : 140
DASK Coverage : 112.000TL
B&C Coverage  :   85.000TL
Total coverage : 197.000TL

We can quote for building and content insurance.  If required we can oversee any claims and the required work on your behalf.

Health Insurance: This is still a requirement for residency permits.  As an independent insurance agency we work for you and have access to the best policies from a range of major insurance companies. We can give a series of options and advise you of the best. As always rates depend on age and any pre-existing conditions.

Some of the major companies have developed new polices to meet these current residency permit requirements.

Motor insurance: We can advise you of the best policies from a wide range of insurance companies to meet your needs.   We are happy to give you a quote.

Let’s Solutions can offer the services of well trained professional staff who all speak excellent English.

Products are placed with top insurers and we offer a wide range of cover and pricing options. As well as the Altinkum Insurance office you now have the option to pop into the Akbuk office where information can be taken and passed to the main office for quotes.

Years of experience have made us BIG enough to offer you a choice of many insurance providers but SMALL enough to offer a personalised service to ensure you get an insurance policy that best meets your needs and budget.

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