Thanks Voices

John Matthews

ON behalf of the residents of the Sunflower Complex(855/856 Sokak) I would like to thank you, the Voices Newspaper, the Mayor and the Council for the great work that has been undertaken to clear the area of the rubbish, litter and weeds that had plagued the surrounds of our lovely complex.

I have received excellent feedback from the residents of the complex on the progress in this area.

The original article that you wrote after our meeting in Voices was on approximately June 14. I and Sunflower residents would be very pleased if you again would put in a few paragraphs to show our appreciation to all concerned. Keep up the good work with the paper.

Roads need action

D Murray, Didim Garden Villas

I WAS interested to read the article on untidy roads and thought I would like to add my concerns on this issue.

We live on a complex on Dogan Caddesi, the road which runs from second beach up to the Yesilkent road past the Istanbul hotel.

The condition of the pavements in particular is so bad you cannot see the pavements let alone walk on them. Hunters Valley roads which were paved last year are now just as bad.

The mayor has doubled our taxes this year I would suggest he gets down to this part of town and gives us something back for our money.

On the issue of fly tipping it is obvious to everyone that this is being done by builders, surely a levy could be applied to any builder to pay for the clean-up operation.

I have spoken to many new arrivals to Didim and everyone of them has commented on the mess and filth everywhere.

No wonder visitor numbers are down when you also couple this to the “clean up” of making all the bars, cafes take seats off the pavements. Tourists who bring the money into this town want to sit in the sun enjoying a drink.

Conned in Altinkum

Y Dalzell

PLEASE tell readers to beware of a sign advertising exchange rates of 4.31TL at shoe/sandal store close to Dolphin Square as I was.

Before picking up what I had exchanged after it had been counted out in front of me, I was tapped on the shoulder and offered a tissue by a young boy to distract me.

I then picked up my money only to find when I returned to my holiday accommodation I was short by 400TL which must have been removed while I was distracted.