THE Mayor of Didim has given brief updates on some of the big projects yet to hit Didim:

Amphitheatre: Rumoured to be centred on land next to the Fun Fair near Third Beach: “There was a deliberate objection at the last minute. The highest level of the amphitheatre’s pavement level will be 4.5 meters. We lost time. After the approval of the Governor will go to Ankara.”

Cultural Center: All work to be done was completed and the plan was modified. The plot is divided in two. (Behind the Tax Office). We went to the General Directorate of National Real Estate for a positive opinion.

DİGEM (Didim Youth Center): We make an area of 20 acres available. They will have three meals a day for those who can do research, go international, play sports, get what they need, and will be a centre where we will organize Thales School. Filed the plans at the General Directorate of National Real Estate.

Bus station: Transactions are over in the province. The file is with the Ministry of Agriculture.

Marina Road: The road passes through the district. County and provincial pasture committee have passed plans. The file is with the Ministry of Agriculture. After that, we plan to cover the road with hot asphalt to the entrance of the Marina.

Fevzipaşa Plan. A plan of 400 hectares is envisaged and 99% of the citizens are satisfied.

Nursery and Day Care: We have opened this, next to Saturday Market. We have over 60 students. Children, families, employees and we are happy. The Women’s Implementation and Production Center was supported by Doğuş Holding’s social responsibility projects and became operational. Approximately 200 women produced there and provided income from this production.

Preparing for 2018 VegFest. Three brochures are printed. Tours are being sold in Europe. About 300 companies interested in the festival scheduled for next April