VOICES understands that a new limit is being imposed on travellers buying goods at duty-free shops before they leave Turkey.

From local media and Londra Gazette, the Turkish newspaper based in London, they say duty-free shops will only be able to sell a maximum of 1 carton of cigarettes, 1 litre of 1 alcoholic drink, 120 ml of 1 cosmetic product (perfume/aftershave) and 1 kilogramme of chocolate can be taken

The decision, published in the Official Gazette on August 8, appears to regulate duty-free sales outlets connected to the Ministry of Customs and Trade. It DOES NOT affect the overall customs limits of travellers.

A screenshot of the new regulation is below:

The Official Gazette says that travellers will be limited to 1 carton of cigarettes, 1 bottle of alcohol, 120mls of cosmetics (perfume/aftershave) and 1 kilo of chocolate

In addition, warnings will be put up at the stores selling duty-free goods. The signs will be in Turkish, English and Arabic on air and sea border gates.

In the past, alcoholic beverages that exceeded 22 per cent could be taken up to 1 litre, while you could take 3 litres of bottles not exceeding 3 per cent. This new regulation changes this amount to a maximum of 1 litre of alcohol. Also you could apparently take 600 ml of the amount of perfume – but this has been reduced to 120 ml.

Voices would advise travellers to be wary of the new restrictions and clarify the issue at duty-free shops.