A prehistoric rock painting has been found in the Madran Mountains, full of natural and cultural riches.

The work was found by members of Kuşadası Eco System Protection and Nature Association (EKODOSD) who were studying the region in the Çine and Bozdoğan districts connected to Aydın.

A Kuşadası EKODOSD spokesman said: “Another picture of the prehistory of the Madran Mountains was found in the unique geography.

“When you look at similar things in Latmos near Soke, besides the picture belonging to a lady, there are ornaments composed of different signs. Can the Madran Mountains, which have the same geographical conditions as Latmos and not yet fully explored, become a second important centre in terms of prehistoric rock paintings?

“The mysterious geography of the Madran Mountains, home to important heritages in terms of natural and cultural assets, is an open-air museum waiting to be discovered.

“The secrets of the rock painting that began in Latmos and spreading up to Mt Madran, must be investigated.”