Mavişehir Sports Complex opened by Mayor

JULY 22 saw the opening of the modern looking Mavişehir Sports Complex as it was inaugurated by Didim mayor Deniz Atabay.

The complex located at Mavişehir Sitesi will cater for a tennis court, basketball court, volleyball court and children’s play group area.

The opening was attended by civic and political dignitaries.

Mr Atabay said the revocation of the complex was part of the town’s strategy to deliver more sports areas, gardens and play areas for residents/

Didim’s 40-year bus stop to disappear

POSSIBLY Didim’s oldest bus stop, on Ataturk Boulevard and opposite the former Courthouse. is to disappear.

The bus stop, operated by Didim Travel, will be axed after a complaint was made by a member of the public over traffic safety issues.

It is generally a meeting location point for many Didim residents.