DIDIM Mayor Deniz Atabay has publicly tied himself to a public pledge to have an open air concert area built in the resort

He confirmed the concert arena would be built – with speculation centred on an area next to the Didim Fun Fair area and what used to be known as Kamaci Beach or Second Beach which is on the road to Didim Beach Hotel and Didim Marina.

He also claimed that 90 percent of the work for the concert area had been completed on paper and physical work would begin at the end of the year.

He also revealed preparations on a culture centre for the town was also well underway

Emphasizing the Temple of Apollo as important heritage, he said the council would be preparing “very good protection plans” with Aydın Metropolitan to restore the temple.

This aspect has caused excitement in certain quarters but details of the project remains under wraps for now.

Another important problem was the Akbük sewer system. He said that within 1.5 months work on the sewer construction and purification system will be done.

His comments on the projects came in a TV discussion on TVDEN with Faruk Özkan and five journalists.

When Mr Atabay was asked to evaluate the tourism season, he said no one prefers to go to a country in turmoil – a nod to Turkey’s own security and terror problems of recent years.

Mr Atabay said: “The most important thing is security in tourism. People want to go to the country where they feel safe and spend their holiday there. We have to bring the tourist back to the country or tourism is going to collapse. “

He added that as a municipality, Didim has achieved 28 out of 34 commitments made in an election declaration by him nearly four years ago.,

The most important ones: cleaning and collecting garbage, fixing broken roads and improving greenery, had improved the resort, he said.

He also raised hopes of a natural gas connection. Previously, the regulation on the population demand criteria had changed – all communities with a population of over 50,000 can apply for natural gas.

The Mayor said the town’s application is with the Ministry of Energy and he is waiting an answer.