PLANS for an open prison – with an exclusive sea view of the Aegean – on the outskirts of Didim have resurfaced – more than a year after they were apparently dropped.

The local council is attempting to find out further information on interior ministry plans to use several thousands acres of government owned land between Tasburun and Akkoy as an open prison.

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The project was first mooted by the Ministry of Justice. The location is on the way to the Aqua Park, past Mavisehir. The allocated area lies on a hill and less than three kilometers from the Aegean shoreline.

It was suggested back in 2014 that prisoners would be used to contribute in the development of olive cultivation and animal husbandry.

At the time, it was understood the Ministry of Finance had conducted the matter in great secrecy with the General Directorate of National Property, sensing the location would take many by surprise.

Didim Council appealed, based on the fact that it would impact its tourism industry adversely, and was apparently dropped.

However, Didim Mayor Deniz Atabay, said the plans had again been tabled in ongoing correspondence between a number of ministries.Didim prison construction came up first on May 12, 2014. Didim Governor

The ruling CHP party in Aydin is now being tasked with finding out about the development and to get to the bottom of the truth of what the government plans to use for the land.

Mr Atabay said the area being considered was enormous from an area close to Akkoy running down to the sea edge Taşburun.

He said that he plans to meet with the Aydin Governor next week to oppose the project, given that it also covers part of the Sacred Way and is considered a natural protected area.