THE Castle Restaurant, which is co-run by Didim resident Blake Maynard, will be hosting a charity dinner for community volunteers on Tuesday May 23.

Mr Maynard said the restaurant, located on Sokak 2132, the road from Mavisehir heading into Didim Town Centre, is set to host a free afternoon of food and drink by extending an invitation to charity volunteers.

He said: “The Castle is remembering those that remember others in the community. We have in mind four charities and they will be invited to come to The Castle with seven members from each organization.

“We have set aside Tuesday May 23 from 1pm to 5pm to provide free food and drinks to those that give their time.

“Here at The Castle, we understand there are many who work for the local community – silently, unrecognized, unthanked and largely under-appreciated. We wanted to say thank you to them.”