A LUCKY UK national received a pleasant surprise upon landing at Turkey’s Bodrum Airport after becoming the 10 millionth person to use Turkey’s two-year-old online e-visa system.

Michael Johnston (42) arrived with his family Monday night from Belfast in Northern Ireland where he was given a surprise ceremony by Turkish officials after landing at the Bodrum-Milas Airport.
Officials from the Foreign Ministry and Turkish Airlines presented Mr Johnston with flowers and various gifts including a flight for two and a plaque.

The British national was rewarded for being the 10 millionth user of Turkey’s online e-visa system, which was first introduced in 2013.

Turkey had similarly rewarded the one millionth e-visa user last year, a little less than a year after the system had been implemented. Now, there are about one million users per month.

Mr Johnston, who has been coming to Turkey for 16 years and is on a 14-day stay, said: “We feel at home in Turkey and we’ve never heard of a safety concern. The E-visa system is very quick. I see it as a system that captures the future of technology.

“I bring the kids and my grandchildren here because we trust Turkey and we are fascinated by the Turkish culture and we are very pleased.”

The best and only evisa website is: www.evisa.gov.tr/en/