A NEW tennis academy centre was established this week at the Aquasis Hotel.

Didim Mayor Deniz Atabay attended the first session and with the trainees while playing tennis for the first time.

Didim Tennis Academy President Seyhan Heb “The Academy is aimed at developing and promoting tennis as a sports in the province.”

The sessions are available for people aged from seven to 77.

The academy is equipped with four enclosed tennis courts and teaching sessions for children and adults are available.

He said all training coaches will be graduates from physical education and sports school, as well as second and third level coaches who have made a career in their fields.

Mr Heb added: “We would like to contribute to the promotion of Didim and create tennis tourism in Didim.”

He aims to create a tournament open to 300 to 400 internationals in May.

Mr Atabay stated: “It is pleasing to have different sports branches in Didim.”