Refugees detained by Coast Guard

The flood of refugees into the Didim region as they set off on their final journey to Greece and into Europe fails to cease.

This week, the Coast Guard and local authorities detained 208 Syrian refugees as they travelled in a 22-metre long wooden boat from Taşburun.

They were rescued as the boat’s engine room began to take on water and there were fears that it would sink. Most of those rescued were either women and children.

Teen arrested for “refugee trafficking”

A LOCAL 14-year-old has been detained after he was apparently caught in a charge of a speedboat with 34 Syrian refugees on board heading to the Greek islands

Coast Guard officials reacted when they spotted the speedboat off the local coast. The refugees were sent to immigration authorities, while the teenager was detained for questioning.

Lights for pine forest

Didim Mayor Deniz Atabay has spoken of his delight that the council has completed work on installing street lights in and around and the Pine Grove, opposite Didim Luna Park.

didim-belediyesi-camlik-alanini-isiklandirdi-8035543_x_oMr Atabay said the area was previously security problem for tourists and locals due to the lack of lighting at night.

He said residents were pleased with the work done with lamps illuminating both the street and the pine forest area.