DIDIM’S Help-in-Hands group has had a couple of busy of months – not least with raising thousands of Turkish Lira to aid a young boy.

Summer Ball

The annual dinner was in aid of Mustafa Kemal, an 8 year old child with severe learning and movement disabilities. His parents have been using an Upsee Belt the charity provided and been playing football with his father using the belt for support.

Prior to the summer event at Meandros Restaurant, the group’s Lynn Cole said: “He could not walk at all before he got the belt but can now take nine steps alone. He needs an operation to cut the tendons at the back of the heel and knee to extend them.

“He will also at the same time receive Botox injections in all his joints to relax the muscles and stop the cramping.  This operation is specialized and will be done in Istanbul.” The cost of the op is 10,500TL which the group aimed to raise via the Summer Ball.

Today she said: “The Summer Ball raised 6,000tl so Mustafa will now get the operation on his legs and joints.

“Help-in-Hands will meet with Mustafa’s surgeon who is coming to Didim from Istanbul to hold a seminar for disabled people at the end of the month.”

Group’s other activities

The group has provided an orthopedic bed and an electric wheelchair to Murat a 33-year-old man who was paralyzed from the chest down.

Lynn said: “His case was rather more disturbing as two years ago we provided him with batteries for his wheelchair. Sadly depression took over him and he tried to commit suicide.

“Now he is a changed man, he has turned a corner in life and we have provided him with a new electric wheelchair and an orthopedic bed that was kindly donated to the group by an expat.

“As he is a skilled artist we have purchased paints and a small drill and he will now set up a small business making and selling light shades made from dried pumpkins.

“Cash at Cashes Terrace Bar and The Disabled Association have offered to promote sales for him.

“Fortunately this has given him a new lease of life. Our thanks go out to everyone for their donations of clothes and especially to Ozden and all at Casper’s Bar for their continued support.”