TWO new statues are being created and will be located in prominent positions in Didim.

Sculptor Olgaç Demirkol, who was responsible for the works at Akbük’s Zubeyde Hanim Park and Didim’s 10 October Elif Kanlıoğlu Peace Park is working on two sculptures which will be placed at intersections in Didim.

The sculptures are being done at Didim Municipality’s Sculpture and Ceramic workshop. The first sculpture is based on Turkish model Elif Korkmaz. When the sculpture is completed it will be 2.6 metres high.

Demirkol said the idea of making this sculpture came from the beauty of the Goddess Medusa and after his approval to the project, presented to the Mayor Deniz Atabay, began work two months ago.

The sculpture (right) will have gold gilding and will be placed either in Altınkum, at the entrance of Didim, or at the end of Atatürk Caddesi.

Another sculpture designed by Demirkol will symbolize the pillars of the Apollon Temple and feature the Medusa face. The sculpture, when finished, will be 4 meters high and 6 meters wide.

It is planned for the sculpture to be in a prominent position so that when entering and leaving Didim, the face of Medusa will be seen.