Rain stops play in Didim

HEAVY rains caused people to stay indoors and those caught in it were left dashing for cover in Didim yesterday.

Such was the force of the rain that cars opted to pull over and wait out the rains, while citizens who were walking the pavements ran for shelter.

The council dispatched squads of workers to help the worst affected areas across the resort.

Animal supporters protest violence

Members of the Didim Animal Protection Association organized a protest throughout the district to draw attention to the violence against street animals.

They staged a demonstration outside the central mosque. Association president, Şengül Güz, commented: “Violence against animals is just as abhorrent as violence against humans. Unfortunately, incidents of violence against innocent and vulnerable animals have increased in our county, which makes us very uncomfortable.”

Şengül Güz, emphasizing that we must act sensitively in the face of violence said “If you witness violence against animals, you should file a complaint to the ministry of forestry and water affairs. We expect that be responsive to street animals from all citizens.”

Car fire in Didim

In Didim, a car was engulfed in flames, but the driver Şefik Şahin escaped without injury.

The car burst into flames on Cumhuriyet Caddesi. Şahin while leaving the car, called the fire brigade who came to the scene and extinguished the fire in a short time.

Sewer work continues

Didim Mayor Deniz Atabay has carried out a visit to ongoing works of the Akbuk Sewerage Pipeline, and confirming that the plans and programs are on schedule.

Meeting with the Akbük citizens, he listened to their problems, while examining the ongoing works at various points in the field.

Atabay pointed out they had made great efforts to get the works underway, adding: “We hope to complete the work in the shortest time. We will continue to carry out regular inspections.”