HiH thanks Didim Glee Club

Didim Help-in-Hand’s coffers were boosted by three brilliant presentations from Didim Glee Club.

The murder mysteries “Sugar And Spice And all Things Not So Nice” were performed to sellout audiences in Didim’s Sobe Bar and Akvarium Restaurant and Bar in Akbuk.

Clues were cleverly dropped for an attentive audience to pick up on, and after a few scenes, the cast mingled with the guests who began interrogating them on who could possibly be the murder.

There was a raffle, goody boxes and prizes for the winning teams.

Lynn Cole, chairman of Didim H-in-H, thanked the writer, Jenny Scott, director Lee McGowan and all the cast for their continued support and pledged all the funds raised at Akvarium would be earmarked for disabled people living in Akbuk.

She said that last year much of our work centered round local schools, but this year it would lean more on its original direction of helping the poor and disabled.

All fagged out!

A MAN has been questioned after a car bound for Didim was found to contain 200 packets of cigarettes.

Soke District Gendarmerie Command teams stopped the car on its way to Didim.

They seized the cigarettes, collectively totalled at 3,571TL due to a lack of official documents.

New earthquake forecast facility in İzmir

NASA is reported to be starting the construction of the Earthquake Forecast Ground Station inside Dokuz Eylül University’s campus in İzmir.

Turkish-descended French Ronald Karel, the vice president of NASA’s subsidiary GeoCosmo Research Center Foundation, announced the Earthquake Forecast Ground Station is to be built in İzmir, the only center of its kind in the world.

Known for his earthquake forecasts from the shapes and movements of the clouds in the sky, Karel claimed they will be able to reveal earthquake forecast maps just like weather reports with the data that will be provided by the ground station.

Karel, who has been living in Bodrum for the last 40 years, is in Turkey with scientists from 60 countries from around the world.

The team of scientists are here to create seismic waves to measure the earthquake risk in the Aegean, Mediterranean and Southeastern Anatolia regions.

Illegal excavations stir reaction

ILLEGAL excavations that have been continuing for the last three months in the ancient city of Myndos in Bodrum’s Gümüşlük have elicited the ire of locals.

“They’re doing whatever they want in the ancient city. Treasure hunters are looting the national treasures of Gümüşlük, Bodrum and Turkey and nobody is taking a measure against it,” said the deputy district chairman of the Homeland Party and Gümüşlük neighborhood representative Sinan Hıncal.

Members of the Gümüşlük Platform, who informed the gendarmerie and museum officials while also filing a criminal complaint, recently showed the illegal excavations to members of the press.

Members of the platform have discovered four tunnels under the bath, castle and church sections and city walls in the ancient city, which is a first-degree archaeological site. The tunnels of various length, depth and width have been dug by treasure hunters over the last three months.

The platform made a press statement in the area in an effort to stop the looting in the ancient city, receiving the support of some political parties.

Another member of the Gümüşlük Platform, photography artist İbrahim Hakkı Zırh, said the area was under the control of the Bodrum Underwater Archaeology Museum.