TAXES, fines and fees are to be massively hiked from January 1 in Turkey, it has emerged.

The government usually hikes taxes every New Year, and 2018 is no exception with everything from passport fees, mobile phone taxes, drivers’ licences being increased. The average rise is about 14.47 percent.


Driving offences will rise by 14.47 percent, so the penalty for jumping a red light will rise from 206.5 TL to 236.40 TL from January 1.

Speeding fines will rise by 10 percent from 206.5 TL to 236.4 TL.

Failing to wear a car seatbelt rises from 96.5 TL to 111TL

Car tax

The Motor Vehicles Tax (MTV) will be increased by 15 percent, 25 percent, 38 percent and 50 percent depending on the CC and age of the vehicle.

Driving Licenses and Passport Fees

In 2018, the Special Communication Tax (ÖİV) will be applied with driving licence fees rising in cost from 47.7 liras to 54.6 liras. A driving licence will now cost 479TL in 2018.

B class driver’s license fees rise from 418.3 TL to 479 TL.

A 1 year passport fee rises from 175.3 TL to 201.3 TL, and for a 3-year passport the fee increases from 573.10 TL to 657.4 TL.

Property Tax

It appears that the property tax element on the council tax will rise by 7.25 percent.

The Environmental Cleaning Tax will increase from 28 to 32 cents per 1 cubic meter of water consumption.

Neighbourly fines

Those who illegally dump garbage will be fined 232 TL.

Neighbors disturbing the peace with high volume noise, sounds and vibrations face a penalty of 968 TL.

Wage rises

A salary of 4 percent will be applied to the salaries of millions of civil servants and laborers.