MORE than 30 years down the track and archaeologists continue to probe the ruins of Magnesia Antique City, about an hour from Didinm, in the district of Germencik.

It has been described as the most important temples of the Romans and was considered sacred to the Romans.

In the excavations, findings obtained strengthened the idea that the area could have been a sacred place before the Roman period.

The finds in the lower floors of the temple revealed that, although not certain, the Romans built their own temples in the area considered sacred by the people of Magnesia.

Magnesia Ancient City Excavation Vice President and Ankara University Faculty Member Assist. Assoc. Dr. Kökdemir said the Temple of Artemis was discovered in the 1890s by Germans and excavated by French archaeologists.

They had unearthed many works that had been removed from the temple had been taken abroad and later exhibited in several museums.

He said that excavations were continuing to analyse the early periods of the city.

Recalling that the Temple of Artemis was known to have been made in the Roman period 2,400 years ago, but the new findings revealed themselves to be even earlier, Kökdemir said.