THERE’S good news for expats in Turkey as the cost of mandatory Residence Permit health insurance has been lowered.

As of Monday October 26 Groupama Insurance (Groupama Sigorta) has for the second time this year lowered their health insurance premiums.

The insurance reductions are huge, with the average policy being slashed in price by around 300TL and if you’re aged 40 – 50 you’ll save even more.

And for the average 30 something year old, the price for a year’s policy is now only 483 TL a total reduction of over 150TL from the previous cost.

See how much you could save by obtaining a free online quote on our website.

voices_online_article_insuranceThere’s more good news because Groupama Sigorta are a YellAli partner which means that by using the YellAli website people will be able to purchase their health insurance online.

YellAli is the only company in Turkey that provides this revolutionary ‘buy direct’ service for foreigners in Turkey.

You also deal directly with the insurance company, cutting out any unnecessary middlemen. Groupama Sigorta’s staff speak English and will be on hand to provide expert assistance.

And foreigners have the added peace of mind by knowing that this insurance meets all requirements of the Turkish Residence Permit.

Online Insurance – Now Cheaper and Easier’s online interface makes purchasing residence permit insurance easier than ever, and with just a couple of clicks you can buy your insurance without ever leaving the comfort of your home.

It really is as simple as going to getting a free online quote and then submitting the application to Groupama Sigorta. It’s simple and hassle free and full support and aftercare is provided by an expert team. Find out more on