JET2 has added an extra 600,000 seats to Turkey for 2018 after seeing a ‘huge surge’ in bookings.

The company said there had been a fourfold increase in bookings to Antalya, while Bodrum and Dalaman had attracted more than twice as many bookings as this time last year.

Italy and Croatia are also seeing huge growth, said Jet2, as are the Greek islands and Cyprus. The operator said its customers were looking to explore new and undiscovered regions, demonstrated by a growth in bookings to Costa de Almeria and the Greek Island of Halkidiki.

Two Italian destinations also make its top 10 list of the biggest growing destinations for bookings which are:

1: Antalya
2: Verona
3: Halkidiki
4: Bodrum
5: Naples
6: Costa de Almeria, Spain
7: Dalaman
8: Kos, Greece
9: Kefalonia, Greece
10: Larnaca, Cyprus

When it comes to family holidays, beach breaks are still prevalent with UK families it said. Jet2holidays said its Top 10 destinations for family holidays for summer 18 are:

1.     Majorca
2.     Tenerife
3.     Alicante (Costa Blanca)
4.     Lanzarote
5.     Faro
6.     Reus (Costa Dorada)
7.     Gran Canaria
8.     Fuerteventura
9.     Ibiza
10.  Malaga (Costa Del Sol)

A TOURISM official has claimed that 45,000 Brits will be heading to Didim in 2018 – with at least one hotel stating its is already 50 percent full for the coming holiday season.

Tayyar Cengiz, the President of Didim Tourism Association

Tayyar Cengiz, the President of Didim Tourism Association, said some 30,000 Brits visited the resort in 2017 but that had already been trumped by early bookings in the order of 45,000 for summer 2018.

Mr Cengiz, who shared the knowledge that hoteliers are positive for this year, said: “Hotels have informed us that their businesses are selling 50 percent of bed numbers to the British.”

Cengiz said he hoped the rate would be even higher and that improvements were encouraging, as the number of charter planes had increased from 9 to 12 per week, and that the planes had increased seat requirements by as much as 60 percent.

He added there had also been an increase in interest from the domestic sector.

Aquasis Hotel Manager Ahmet Baş confirmed that he had seen a three-fold increase in bookings. He said: “We are looking at at least 50 percent bookings and are optimistic that we may reach upwards of 100 percent as the season approaches.”

TAXES, fines and fees are to be massively hiked from January 1 in Turkey, it has emerged.

The government usually hikes taxes every New Year, and 2018 is no exception with everything from passport fees, mobile phone taxes, drivers’ licences being increased. The average rise is about 14.47 percent.


Driving offences will rise by 14.47 percent, so the penalty for jumping a red light will rise from 206.5 TL to 236.40 TL from January 1.

Speeding fines will rise by 10 percent from 206.5 TL to 236.4 TL.

Failing to wear a car seatbelt rises from 96.5 TL to 111TL

Car tax

The Motor Vehicles Tax (MTV) will be increased by 15 percent, 25 percent, 38 percent and 50 percent depending on the CC and age of the vehicle.

Driving Licenses and Passport Fees

In 2018, the Special Communication Tax (ÖİV) will be applied with driving licence fees rising in cost from 47.7 liras to 54.6 liras. A driving licence will now cost 479TL in 2018.

B class driver’s license fees rise from 418.3 TL to 479 TL.

A 1 year passport fee rises from 175.3 TL to 201.3 TL, and for a 3-year passport the fee increases from 573.10 TL to 657.4 TL.

Property Tax

It appears that the property tax element on the council tax will rise by 7.25 percent.

The Environmental Cleaning Tax will increase from 28 to 32 cents per 1 cubic meter of water consumption.

Neighbourly fines

Those who illegally dump garbage will be fined 232 TL.

Neighbors disturbing the peace with high volume noise, sounds and vibrations face a penalty of 968 TL.

Wage rises

A salary of 4 percent will be applied to the salaries of millions of civil servants and laborers.

THE number of tourists visiting Aydin Province in the first ten months of 2017 has been revealed.

Aydin County saw a total of 3,94 million tourists – foreign and local – with 1,183,534 people visiting Kusadasi, largely thanks to a diminishing number of cruise lines during the year.

The official number of tourists visiting Didim was put at 490,611.

At the end of 2016, the number of domestic and foreign tourists visiting Aydin Province was 4,291,702.

Travel experts are hoping that 2018 will outstrip figures for 2017.


TWO new statues are being created and will be located in prominent positions in Didim.

Sculptor Olgaç Demirkol, who was responsible for the works at Akbük’s Zubeyde Hanim Park and Didim’s 10 October Elif Kanlıoğlu Peace Park is working on two sculptures which will be placed at intersections in Didim.

The sculptures are being done at Didim Municipality’s Sculpture and Ceramic workshop. The first sculpture is based on Turkish model Elif Korkmaz. When the sculpture is completed it will be 2.6 metres high.

Demirkol said the idea of making this sculpture came from the beauty of the Goddess Medusa and after his approval to the project, presented to the Mayor Deniz Atabay, began work two months ago.

The sculpture (right) will have gold gilding and will be placed either in Altınkum, at the entrance of Didim, or at the end of Atatürk Caddesi.

Another sculpture designed by Demirkol will symbolize the pillars of the Apollon Temple and feature the Medusa face. The sculpture, when finished, will be 4 meters high and 6 meters wide.

It is planned for the sculpture to be in a prominent position so that when entering and leaving Didim, the face of Medusa will be seen.

THERE has been a significant rise in the number of bookings in Turkey made by British tourists for summer 2018, a leading tourism association has stated.

The number of bookings for next summer in Turkey has risen by 79 percent compared to last year, the Hotels Association of Turkey (TÜROB) said in a statement on Nov. 25, according to the Hurriyet.

Almost 150,000 British people have made an early reservation for next summer, read the statement.

Although there has been an increase in bookings from the U.K. at Turkey’s leading touristic destinations, Istanbul has seen a 33 percent year-on-year decrease, it added.

The number of arrivals from the UK to Turkey plunged to 1.7 million in 2016 from 2.5 million in the previous year, amid escalating security concerns.

The decreasing trend continued in 2017. While almost 1.5 million British people visited Turkey in the first nine months of 2016, this figure declined to 1.4 million in the same period of 2017, according to TÜROB data.

The most popular destinations for British people are now Italy, the United States, Greece and Cuba, read the statement, adding that Turkey remains in the top destinations list.